Fitness & Beyond
An Interview with Jacey Gengenbach
By Kate Beiting of Women’s Edition, Inc.

Jacey Gengenbach has a message for you: keep moving! Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was race outside; meet friends; play pickup kickball, basketball, or soccer; or climb a tree? Where did that love of moving go?

Jacey is a personal trainer and the owner of Fitness & Beyond in Omaha. She is committed to help people get motivated to weave exercise in their life. Jacey knows that regular exercise not only improves our physical health, but also, it helps sharpen our emotional and mental health. Additionally, she knows we are busy and really good at procrastination.

Workouts at Fitness & Beyond are tailor-made to your needs—focusing on common goals and gradually ingraining the benefits of regular and focused workouts to meet those goals. If you are already exercising but feel there is some component that is missing, a personal trainer like Jacey will help. If you are already in a group workout setting, or in a gym that you enjoy but are not seeing results, Jacey can give you direction. Fitness & Beyond does not just focus on the “I want to drop a few sizes” lyric; Jacey wants to prove to you that exercise is like water—you need it every day!

When you meet with Jacey one on one, she will do a complete medical history and will identify goals. Together, you will map out a plan to reach those goals. She also makes house calls, setting up an exercise program for you at your home.

Jacey has worked in the health and fitness industry for 19 years. She has had experience in hospital settings, as well as working in athletic training with sports teams at Creighton. She understands how the body works and responds to movement, and can train you for rehabilitative reasons or to simply help you move more effectively. She has worked with healthy clients and others who are nursing an injury or chronic condition.

The studio at 1032 S. 74th Plz. is a bright, cheery place. The plaques on the wall offer life-affirming messages: dream big, laugh, don’t whine, say please and thank you. This is no lightweight workout studio. The machines here are state-of-the-art: true cardio equipment, treadmills, elliptical trainers, a NuStep recumbent cross trainer, and a Vectra functional trainer, which is especially effective for specific sports training. The Vectra can accommodate clients with mobility issues or who are in a wheelchair.

Jacey means business here; she is eager to spread her positive enthusiasm to all who will listen. She says you are never too old to exercise and move. Her clients (both men and women) range in age from 24-94. Each of those folks has a personal story about why he or she has decided to seek a personal fitness trainer—why the “one size fits all gym and equipment” did not work for him or her. Her clients may have a story of weight gain after pregnancy, balance challenges, osteoporosis, or might desire more stamina and flexibility. Some of her clients are faced with health challenges like high blood pressure, a rise in cholesterol levels, or are facing diabetes or other chronic diseases.

According to Jacey, she is a believer in movement and exercise at all periods of our lives. She’s especially adamant about it if her clients are facing health challenges like cancer treatment or cardiovascular rehabilitation, or just want to improve posture, balance, and core strength.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month; Jacey is also a certified fitness instructor in the Delay the Disease Parkinson’s Fitness Program. She has completed courses that help her to understand Parkinson’s disease and can design exercises and movement therapies for people afflicted with this ailment. She is a certified instructor for the PHD (Parkinson’s Health Development) classes for Parkinson’s patients. Moving every day does not cure diseases, but movement, prescribed exercise, and building core muscles can all help combat their effects.

Are you hesitant to begin an exercise program? Do you have negative thoughts stuck in your head making you feel like you are too large, uncoordinated, or out of shape to go to a gym? A veteran trainer, Jacey has heard all of this before. She pays attention to details and can guide you to success. She says she wants you to improve your physical abilities and improve health and wellness because it all empowers you. You will feel and think better, and like it says on the plaque on the wall, “Say thank you and be grateful.” She may not help you climb that tree, but you will move better, and you will want to say “thank you.”

There are several ways to Contact Jacey Gengenbach at Fitness & Beyond. Call her at 402-502-2729 or visit the company’s website: Follow Fitness & Beyond on Twitter, or find it on Facebook at Fitness & Beyond, LLC.