I have known Jacey for several years, and have always known her to be a deeply caring and very knowledgeable professional. Her work with Parkinson’s patients is exemplary, and she inspires all her clients to keep fitness and wellness in their lives, especially when they see the great results her programs can bring them. I highly recommend Jacey for anyone wanting to experience firsthand how enjoyable and effective fitness can be!
Andrea P.

As we grow older, we realize how important it is to reach and maintain physical fitness. Jacey does that for us in her well equipped, attractive studio with her one on one expert attention. We experience the best exercises selected for us personally. We cannot say enough how much we appreciate what she does for us.
Pat and Frank

Jacey has helped me maintain a healthy weight. She has also helped me increase my flexibility and strength to play tennis.

Jacey has worked with me for ten years helping me to develop strength and balance. She is skilled and knowledgeable in developing the appropriate programs to fit my situation and limitations, yet encourages me to go a little beyond for my health and wellness. Thanks Jacey for everything you do!

I have participated in several exercise programs at various locations over the last 5 years. The program offered by Fitness & Beyond is by far the most individually tailored and thorough program offered. The program is delivered in a small, social class environment. The recent upgraded facility provides a variety of professional equipment meeting all my physical needs. A unique plus of the Fitness & Beyond program is that no monthly fees are assessed and the lesson fees are value priced.
Participant of the Programs of Fitness & Beyond

I began working with Jacey more than 7 years ago in preparation for my knee replacement surgery. I believe that work facilitated my rapid recovery after surgery. I have continued training with her since that time. Her work with me on balance and flexibility has benefited my physical well-being in countless ways.
Pat W.

I have worked with Jacey for more than 3 years after she was suggested as an exercise resource by my doctor. Jacey developed an individualized exercise regimen tailored to both my goals and my specific limitations. She has modified my workout to fit my updated exercise goals. I recommend Jacey and her Fitness & Beyond studio to anyone seeking professional individualized training.
Bob B.


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