Don’t worry, I am not going to be just another health professional telling you that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables are good for you. I think at this point, we have well established that and I think most people know that concept. I don’t think most people would look at fruits and vegetables and be like mm no that definitely wouldn’t be good for me.

Now that we have established our knowledge base and we are on the same page, the thing I think people do struggle with is how in the heck do you actually do this? No one wants to just sit and eat 5 whole apples a day to get their fruit serving or just pack a whole bag of raw veggies for lunch. Let’s face it, that does not always sound super appetizing, even though we know it is so good for our health!

So today, I am going to do just that! I hope to give you some tips and tricks to how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your day in some different and fun ways to help you meet those fruit and vegetable and overall health goals!

  1. Make a fun fruit salad! Mixing up a bunch of different fruits, including new fruits and adding a fun lime poppyseed dressing helps to spice up your fruit and make it more interesting and exciting to eat!
  2. Keep fruit and vegetables handy! Place them in the spots you first see when you open your fridge so you think about eating those first. Sometimes it is all about appearance, if you make them look good sitting on your counter or in your fridge, you will be more likely to eat them.
  3. Add fruits or vegetables into other foods like pancakes or oatmeal. Mix in a banana into your oatmeal or top your oatmeal or cereal with apples or blueberries to add in your fruit. You could even mix in some vegetables by adding cauliflower rice to your oatmeal.
  4. Make smoothies! And literally add anything! Most people think of fruit when it comes to smoothies which is great but also add vegetables! When you add fruit think of different kinds of fruits to incorporate to get a bunch of nutrients (mangoes, blueberries, apples, banana, strawberries, etc. mix it up!) Try adding in kale or spinach or any dark greens go great in smoothies. Also try adding avocado into your smoothies. It gives an appetizing smooth consistency to your smoothie as well as adds in lots of nutrients and healthy fats
  5. Steam your vegetables and top with everything bagel seasoning (not too much though)! Steaming vegetables helps to keep a lot of the nutrients and still keep some of the appetizing crunch and color and then adding a little flavor with the seasoning helps give it a boost as you eat. Try avoiding really heavy sauces on top of your vegetables all the time though but once in awhile is okay!
  6. Add fruit on top of your yogurt! Cut up fruit and add to your yogurt in the morning or for a quick snack!
  7. If the issue is you simply are never hungry enough to eat fruits or vegetables it may be instead looking on what might have to be adjusted in the diet to make more space for those things and then they will become more appetizing.
  8. Instead of normal noodles, try zucchini or chickpea noodles! Not your typical pasta but still very tasty
  9. If you find yourself eating dessert anyways… why not make it even more nutritious and add fruit to it! Add frozen fruit to your ice cream or eat some fruit with melted chocolate to meet your sweet tooth.
  10. My biggest tip is to keep it convenient! Keep it on your grocery list and switch it up with what fruits and vegetables you use to make it exciting and then make it accessible! Put it in eye sight and easy reach!
  11. If keeping things fresh is an issue, by frozen fruits and vegetables handy so you can whip them out real quickly to add to any meal!
  12. Buy prepackaged steam able bags that make cooking so easy so you have no excuse that cooking them takes too long!

Okay… I know that was a lot but I hope some of those tips or recommendations were helpful! Please email me at if you are interested in more tips and tricks or if you have specific questions on how you personally can fit more fruits and vegetables into your lifestyle! I would be more than happy to help!

My last thing is a challenge for you! I challenge you this week to pick up one new fruit and one new vegetable this week at the store and try it out! If you have questions on how to use it or what it is haha let me know! Trying new foods makes cooking and nutrition fun!