Fitness and Beyond Services

Fitness & Beyond is a private personal training studio, located at 1032 S. 74th Plaza (74th St. & Pacific St.). Fitness & Beyond has state of the art TRUE cardio equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, and a recumbent bike. Also, there is a NUSTEP recumbent cross trainer that allows for a low-impact total body workout you can do sitting down.

Strength training is provided on the versatile Vectra Functional Trainer, allowing for a wide variety of exercises possible. It can be used for sport specific training such as golf, tennis, racquet sports, baseball and hockey. The Vectra can accommodate those in a wheelchair or those who use other mobility aids.

Fitness and Beyond
The studio also has free weights, kettle bells, resistance bands, toning balls, stability balls, Bosu Ballast Balls, Bosu Balance Trainers, foam and inflatable rollers, balance boards, balance pods, Step 360 Pro balance trainer, and gait training bars.

Personalized fitness and posture assessments are offered and encouraged to customize the client’s exercise program. These assessments provide an analysis of the client’s current physical condition and are valuable tools to gauge progress throughout the exercise sessions. One-hour training sessions (individual or partner) or half-hour sessions (individual) are available. Individualized home programs are available, as well.

The goal at Fitness & Beyond is to improve the client’s overall health and well-being. Exercise has proven to benefit more than just the physical aspects of health. It empowers the clients with knowledge, motivation, encouragement, skills, and camaraderie. These benefits far exceed the client’s expectations and go above and beyond. Please contact us today or stop by to meet our staff. We would love to hear from you!