Healthy ways make healthy days.  It sounds nice, but for some, making healthy choices sounds like a lot of work and effort.  It isn’t, especially when you keep healthy food in the pantry and fridge, go to a local fitness studio or work with a personal trainer and get fit at your own pace while you enjoy the little things in life.  Here are nine ways to have healthy days:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.  You’ve heard this for years, but it’s still hard to swallow. Studies show these naturally healthy foods fight disease, increase your body’s ability to heal itself and lose weight.  Start your day with some low-fat yogurt and a bowl of fresh berries.  Have an apple for morning snack and a salad for lunch.  Choose carrot and celery sticks for afternoon snack and then have a satisfying dinner with more veggies than meat.
  2. Drink up.  Most dieticians, personal trainers and wellness experts will tell you to drink more water.  Water not only keeps you hydrated, it fills you up.  It also keeps your skin looking healthy and helps tired muscles.
  3. Eat like a child.  Eat what your child does, and in the same portions.  Many children prefer to eat a small amount every few hours. Whether it is a piece of whole wheat toast with some peanut butter and a side of berries, or a scrambled egg and yogurt smoothie, kids rarely ask for seconds and leave the table satisfied.  They snack around 10:00 am; usually just some raisins, a banana dipped in granola or wheat crackers and cheese, then eat a small, healthy lunch.  Around 3:00 pm they have a healthy afternoon snack and eat supper between 6:00 and 7:00.  Eating like a child will satisfy your appetite, and will help make sure your nutritional needs are met. It also provides an easy way to control portions.
  4. Move your body.  Even if you only have ten-minute breaks, use them to move.  Walk around your office building, jog up and down the stairs, walk around the block or move to your favorite online workouts.  Raising your heart rate and increasing your cardiovascular health will help you lose weight and increase your overall fitness level.
  5. Smile.  Even if you don’t feel like it, smile. The more your fake it, the more likely you are to become happy.  Happy people are healthier people.
  6. Sleep.  Make sure you get enough sleep.  Even if you don’t feel excessively tired, your body might be.  Adults should get at least eight hours of sleep every night.
  7. Turn off the television.  Instead of having the television on for background noise, turn on the radio and dance to your favorite tunes.  Read a book or create a masterpiece with your children. Go for a walk, lunge across your living room or have a squat contest with your partner.
  8. Park your car.  Walk or ride your bike next time you have an errand that takes you less than five miles away.  The exercise will clear your mind; the fresh air will wake you up and the fuel you save will keep cash in your wallet.
  9. Try a new exercise.  Mix up your exercise routine.  Ask your personal trainer to show you some new moves or different equipment. You’ll work your brain while you work different muscles.

Healthy days filled with healthy choices don’t have to be difficult.  Stock your fridge with healthy food options, enlist the help of a personal trainer and get moving. Give these nine ways a chance and see how simple it is to go from a so-so sedentary situation to healthy days filled with healthy ways.

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