There are so many myths passed around about the best ways to burn fat, it’s hard to strip away fact from fiction. Have you heard your heart rate needs be in a certain range in order to burn fat? Is that true? What happens if you don’t stay within that range? Here are some answers to your fat burning questions:

  • You burn up two things when exercising: carbohydrates and fat. These become your fuel and provide energy during your workouts. Slow, deliberate, low intensity exercises like walking or gardening burn fat as fuel. When your exercise intensity increases and changes from mostly aerobic to anaerobic, too, you burn mostly carbs.
  • Exercising for long periods of time, like 2 hours, creates a dip in your muscle’s glycogen (carbohydrate) amount, which creates a lack of fuel for performance. When your blood glucose concentration staggers, your muscles go back and rely on fat to keep them working.
  • Best practice for fat and weight loss remains a simple formula, and one that doesn’t rely on fact or fiction quizzes. A simple rule of them to lose fat and weight is to remember less going in and more going out. This means consume fewer calories than you expend throughout the day. A low intensity workout does burn fat, but not a lot of it. Higher intensity workouts burn more fuel, fats and carbs, which turn into burning more calories.

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