New Year's fitness resolution

New Year’s fitness resolution

Did you make a New Year’s resolution about improving your health and fitness? It’s easy to do; it’s a very popular resolution. In fact, many gyms and fitness studios see a 25% increase in attendance in January. Unfortunately, this New Year’s resolution is also one that is rarely carried out. Attendance at gyms and fitness studios are often back down to normal levels by mid-February. Don’t lose your commitment to improving your health and fitness this year. Follow these tips to stick to your New Year’s resolution-Part 1 of 3:


  1. Make a Realistic Resolution: If you’ve never done a crunch before, don’t make a resolution to do 100 crunches every night. If you do, and aren’t able to accomplish your goal the first several times you try, you’ll likely get so discouraged you’ll stop trying. Make your goal smaller and gradual, like doing crunches every night before you go to bed, or doing 10 crunches every night for a week, and then 15 crunches every night for a week, etc…You will have successes, which will motivate you to strive for more.
  2. Reward Yourself: Make a plan to reward your successes, whether it’s every week you’ve met your goals or each time you go down a pants size. Your rewards don’t need to be extreme; they can be as simple as buying a fresh bouquet of flowers for your office or a night out at the movies. Treat yourself when you’ve earned it-it feels good and again, it motivates you to continue meeting goals.
  3. Understand Why You’re Doing It: Dreaming of a hard body and six-pack abs is motivating, but can lose its power after endless weeks of working out and mindful food choices. Instead of only thinking of superficial reasons to get to the fitness studio, think about all of the other benefits you’re gaining from this lifestyle change: healthier heart, better balance, lowered cholesterol, stress management, increased energy, etc…
  4. Forgive Yourself: Understand and accept there will be times when you say “screw it; I’m too tired, sore, busy, etc…” to get your workout in or to make the best food choices. This is normal behavior, and expecting to happen from time to time makes it easier to not punish yourself for the natural slip up. If and when you take a day off or eat everything in your pantry at one sitting, recognize why it happened, realize that it’s perfectly normal and move on. Do not beat yourself up or wallow in guilt-that never helps.
  5. Track Your Progress: When you make a fitness resolution that’s specific and measurable, you can track your progress and see where you’re at in your challenge. Having unspecified, broad goals are difficult to track and monitor, making it difficult to clearly see your successes. Instead of saying “I want to run faster,” say “In June, I want to be able to run a 5K in 30 minutes.”

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