Welcome to Fitness & Beyond

Trying to meet your fitness, exercise and wellness goals can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We at Fitness & Beyond help you create a fitness plan that suits you and your lifestyle. Our private sessions and group classes are convenient, effective and fun!

Whether you’re looking for strength training, balance improvement, overall wellness or safe exercise options, Fitness & Beyond is where you’ll find it all. We’ve got state-of-the-art TRUE cardio equipment, a Vectra Functional Trainer (which easily accommodates wheelchairs and other mobility aids), free weights, stability balls, balance boards, gait training bars, a NUSTEP recumbent cross trainer and so much more!

Fitness & Beyond offers personalized fitness and posture assessments to assist with customizing personal exercise programs. We also offer one-hour and half-hour training sessions, as well as personalized home programs. It is our belief that if you’re comfortable, safe and having fun, you will find success with your exercise plan and will reach your fitness and wellness goals. Our trainers work with every fitness level, are competent with modifying exercises to accommodate any ability and work closely with our clients to ensure everyone enjoys their fitness plan.

Personal training sessions are available by appointment only. Early morning, daytime, and evening hours are available. Weekend times are also available. The group exercise classes run on continual basis. For more information or to schedule your appointment, please call Jacey at 402-502-2729.

We help our clients improve their health and well-being by providing personalized exercise programs focusing on cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, posture, and balance. We provide education, motivation, encouragement, and skills for each client to reach their fitness goals.  We do this in a safe, supportive, comfortable setting for all fitness levels.  Fitness & Beyond provides fitness assessments, postural assessments, personalized exercise programs, educated and experienced personal trainers, private training sessions, group classes, home exercise programs, and more to help you reach and exceed all your fitness goals.  Stop by today to see how Fitness & Beyond can create a workout that works for you!